Aru Game Lodge

What we did 
Graphic Design, Project Management

Dotted along the red sand of Aru Game Lodge (Veronica), 6 new thatched chalets were recently decorated by Women Unleashed.

We were contracted to do the project management for the new interiors. Responsibilities included ordering items, installation and art direction. There was even time to be creative with the making of keyrings and wooden boxes for the bath salt, as well as the vinyl design for the bathroom windows.

Being involved with the d├ęcor side of the project was greatly rewarding and we loved exploring this new world. It was a great privilege working side by side with Melanie van der Merwe of Women Unleashed and learning from one of the best interior decorators in Namibia.

The striking photographs were done by Anja Denker, an amazing wildlife photographer. All printing, vinyl and manufacturing of the salt boxes and keyrings were done by Style Graphics. Always a pleasure working with them!