Etsoha Safari Camp

What we did 
Graphic Design, Illustration

Another amazing project by Women Unleashed for Gondwana, the major revamp of the Etosha Safari Camp definitely counts as one of our most loved experiences.

The unique style of the lodge was carried out into all the rooms. "Kambashu Kool", as Melanie van der Merwe calls it, was injected into every corner of the lodge. Artwork is always a big part of all WU projects, and this one was no different. To compliment the bright colours and busy patterns without making the rooms look overly crowded, we decided on linocut-inspired prints. The results are striking and perfectly balances out the abundant colours found in the textiles and paints.

Signwriting for the camping ablution facilities was done by a master of free-hand painting, Collin. He took our A4 designs and replicated them perfectly onto the walls at the entrances to the facilities.

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