Shipwreck Lodge

What we did 
Graphic Design, Project Management

This project, without a doubt, rates as one of our most memorable.

As the project manager for Women Unleashed, the interior decorators of this exclusive new lodge in the Skeleton Coast Park, we had the opportunity of a life-time. We learned so much about the area and its rich history of shipwrecks.

Working with Melanie van der Merwe, the talented mastermind behind the striking interiors, was a wonderful experience as always.

Our duties included:

Working with the various talented artists who provided artwork for the interiors

Liaising with suppliers to ensure orders are placed and received on time

Budgets and costing to ensure the project stays within the economic restrictions

Graphic design services to turn the various artworks into printable designs

Various graphic and other creative services for example the coffee trays, poem for the entrance hall, maps and design elements

Copywriting for the guest guide book and sliding door art in the bedrooms

Sourcing of various décor elements under the expert guidance of Melanie van der Merwe

Installation on site

The installation was an unforgettable experience. We stayed in tents in the Skeleton Coast Park, braving the tempestuous weather and harsh conditions. What an adventure! We fell in love with the stark landscape and will not hesitate to go back.