Zambezi Mubala Lodge

What we did 
Graphic Design, Illustration

A brand new lodge built on the banks of the Zambezi in the North of Namibia by the Gondwana Collection, was the perfect canvas for watercolour-inspired artwork. Under the expert direction of Women Unleashed, we did freehand sketches of the abundant birdlife found in the area.

Each of the 21 cabins was assigned a iconic feathered inhabitant which took flight in vinyl prints on the bathroom doors and as part of the room number on the front doors. Inside the lounge area, 8 birds were selected to be printed on canvas.

The quiet palette of greens and blues splash colour onto the inked sketches and bring the hues of the river into the spaces. A sense of serenity is instilled by the clean and minimalistic style of the artwork.

A wonderful project with an artistic freedom one seldom gets in this line of work.